we make it easyWe pride ourselves in our commitment to client satisfaction. Everything we do is geared towards helping you succeed and making the process easier.

When you work with Cathy Pareto and Associates you will always know what to expect.

Below is the five step client process that we use to ensure that your financial plan and investments meet your needs.



Step 1: Discovery Meeting

Getting to know you is one of the most important steps in the financial planning process. During our meeting we get to learn about your goals, what is important to you, your financial concerns, any special considerations that may impact the attainment of your financial goals, and learn about what matters most to you.

Step 2: Data Gathering

Now that we understand you better, we need to get a better picture of your current financial situation. We do this by gathering relevant information about your current investments, spending, savings, taxes, insurance, and estate planning.

Step 3: Developing Your Plan

We analyze all of your financial data along with the information you provided us during the discovery meeting and use it to formulate a unique financial plan tailored to meet your individual needs. Your financial plan may include recommendations on any or all of the following:

  • Spending
  • Savings
  • Retirement Planning
  • Alternatives on Retirement Age
  • Risk Reduction
  • Investment Selection
  • Pre- and Post Retirement Budget
  • Social Security Income Strategies
  • Education Funding
  • Insurance Needs
  • Estate Planning Needs
  • Other unique considerations

With Cathy Pareto and Associates you will never receive a cookie cutter financial plan or just investment recommendations.

Step 4: Plan Implementation

It’s now time to put your plan into action. We will help you establish a budget and savings plan, as well as implement your investment strategy. We will also guide you in obtaining appropriate insurance coverage, tax planning, and estate planning services if needed. Note that we do not sell any type of commissionable products but do work with your other professionals to ensure that you obtain the right coverage or strategy.

Step 5: Monitoring and Making Adjustments

We know life is not static and your financial plan may need to be updated. We will work with you to update your financial plan as changes in your life occur. We will also monitor your investments and make changes based on your risk tolerance, financial objectives, and new investment opportunities. You will also receive ongoing financial planning communication, tips and reminders.

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