Is a 4% Withdrawal Rate Still Viable?

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by Ana Maria Martinetti-Katz, MBA, CFP®, CPA – August 2013 For a number of years now, the rule of thumb has been that a 4% withdrawal rate from a portfolio during retirement was “sustainable”.  That is, it was unlikely that you … Read More

Pension Maximization Strategies for Retirees


by Ana Maria Martinetti-Katz, MBA, CFP®, CPA – August 2012 As financial advisors, clients who are lucky enough to have a retirement pension through their employer often ask us which income option is best.  This is a very important decision … Read More

Individuals and Trusts


Investing and Financial Planning for Individuals Whether you’re single because you’ve never married, or are suddenly single due to divorce or death of a spouse, money management and financial planning are critical. You have only yourself to depend on for … Read More

Wealth Building Strategies


Time for a New Strategy? The growing complexity and interconnectedness of our global markets demands rigorous research on markets and the sources of investment returns. Our primary goal as your Advisor is to maximize your expected return, commensurate with the … Read More

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