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Cathy Pareto is widely quoted by the media and has provided investment and personal finance quotes for publications and television shows such as The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, The New York Times, FOX Business, PBS, CNBC, Bloomberg, Jean Chatzy’s blog and More Magazine articles, The Miami Herald, The Daily Business Review, Forbes, Investopedia, WLRN, Accountant’s World, Florida Medical Business, Divorce360 and many more.

You can find a condensed list of media quotes and coverage on this page below.  Be sure and also check out our videos.

4/14/2016 Diversity Woman Magazine

Check out Cathy’s comments in “Is your retirement on track? Nine tips for investing for the long term” Diversity Woman Magazine (summer edition) starting on page 43.

3/22/2016 Financial Planning

Financial Planning Magazine quotes Cathy in “Could Ginnie Mae Funds Fall Out of Favor?”

10/21/2015  Money quotes Cathy in “Five Financial Numbers You Should Know off the Top of Your Head.”

10/14/2015  AdvisoryHQ News

AdvisoryHQ News recently published its list of this year’s top rated registered investment advisors in Florida. After going through a rigorous Top-Down Selection Methodology….Cathy Pareto and Associates made the list!

7/1/15 Financial Advisor Magazine

Cathy Pareto and Associates, Inc. earns a spot on Financial Advisor Magazine’s RIA Ranking for 2015.  This is a coveted honor and a true testament to our firm’s accomplishment and success this past year.

5/11/2015 CNBC

CNBC quotes Cathy in “Same-sex couples in financial limbo until Supreme Court rules“.

3/7/2015 Miami Herald

Cathy gets quoted in “Keeping track of ‘hidden’ deductions “

1/05/2015 Miami Herald 

Cathy gets quoted in “The year ahead: A glimpse at the economic outlook for South Florida”

7/1/14 Financial Advisor Magazine

Cathy Pareto and Associates, Inc. earns a spot on Financial Advisor Magazine’s RIA Ranking for 2014.  This is a coveted honor and a true testament to our firm’s accomplishment and success this past year.

6/27/14 Google Hangouts

Ally Bank and teamed up to host on online Google Hangout, “Taking the Guesswork Out of Retirement”.   Cathy Pareto was one of the featured expert panelists. Check out the video here.

4/11/2014 MSN Money 

Cathy Pareto gets quoted in “4 Ways to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early”

2/6/2013 The Wall Street Journal

“Using a 401(k) to Fund a Career Transition”, Cathy discusses a real life case in which she helped a client transition between careers using a unique rule for 401(k) early withdrawals.  Sound planning goes a long way.

12/2/2013 The Daily Business Review – Cathy Pareto is featured in the DBR’s annual Wealth Management special report titled “Wealth Management: Guarding Wealth, Grabbing Opportunity”.

10/15/13 South Florida Legal Guide

Thank you Miami for recognizing Cathy Pareto as a “Top Financial Professional” in the 2013 South Florida Legal Guide!

9/27/2013 The Miami Herald 

Disability Insurance is a Wise Investment“.  Our firm does not sell insurance, but risk management is part of any sound financial plan.

7/17/2013 Pete De La Torre Business Program

Listen to Cathy on 880 a.m. The Biz discussing entrepreneurship.

7/11/2013 The Week and

“How to Inspire Kids to Give to Charity”.  Read Cathy’s extensive comments regarding educating children about money and charity.

6/26/2013 Investment News

Cathy Pareto and Associates has extensive experience working with same-sex couples.  Read Cathy’s planning related comments in “DOMA ruling dramatically changes financial planning for same-sex couples.

5/14/2013 New York Times

Discussion about measuring portfolio Risk, Cathy is interviewed in this recent NY Times article “Taking the Measure of Risk“.


Bond prices and rising rates in “A Question of When, not If Bond Prices Will Fall“.

4/26/2013 The Miami Herald

Features numerous financial tips from Cathy Pareto in “Make that Refund Count


Quotes Cathy in “Gray Divorce: “A Retirement Hurdle and Legal Conundrum.”

1/8/2013 The Wall Street Journal

Interviews Cathy regarding 401k plans in “More Attention to 401(k)s Can Pay Off“.

12/7/2012  Action Line

Addresses a reader’s concern about retiring baby boomers with several quotes from Cathy.  Read it here.


Quotes Cathy in “Why Trusts Aren’t Just For the Rich“.


Check out Cathy’s quotes in “Why It’s Never Too Late for an Estate Plan“.


Quotes Cathy in “Estate Planning for Same Sex Couples- What You Need to Know“.


Quotes Cathy in “Four Smart Tax Moves Now“.

10/4/2012 The Daily Business Review

Hosted its annual Wealth Management Roundtable and invited select South Florida advisors to discuss various financial topics including this year’s “fiscal” cliff”.  Cathy Pareto was once again asked to be a panelist.  Video and story to follow in November.

9/29/2012 The Miami Herald

Quotes Ana Maria Martinetti-Katz in “What to Look for in Long Term Care Policies“.

8/30/2012 AdvisorOne

Features Cathy Pareto’s comments in “Don’t Pay for your Kids’ College“. Parents need to worry about their own retirement and should be selective about financial support for children.

8/25/2012 The Miami Herald

In the article “One Last Shot to Save” Cathy discusses retirement and investment ideas for the 50 to 65 demographic.  Read it here.

8/20/2012 The Wall St. Shuffle

Live radio from Dallas, TX, Dan Stewart talks with Cathy Pareto about finding the right balance and boundaries between parents and children when it comes to money management issues, college planning and more.  Listen here.

8/19/2012 Deseret News

Cathy Pareto is featured in this recent article discussing college financial planning. She provides key points for parents to consider when funding their children’s’ college education.

8/9/2012 Investment News

Interviews Cathy in news story “Court case being watched by advisers of same-sex couples“.

7/16/2012 Financial Advisor Magazine

Cathy Pareto and Associates, Inc. earns a spot on Financial Advisor Magazine’s RIA Ranking for 2012.

6/1/2012 Money Radio 1510 “Business for Breakfast” 

Interviews Cathy on live radio regarding Baby Boomers and their impact on the stock market.

6/1/2012 Forbes

Features Cathy’s comments in “Will Retiring Boomers Crash the Stock Market?

5/28/2012 Investment News

Interviews Cathy in “Gay Spouses Struggle to Claim Benefits“.

5/9/2012 CNN Money

Quotes Cathy in “Gay marriage: Boost in ‘economic inequities’ fight“.

5/9/2012 Financial Advisor Magazine

Quotes Cathy in “Same Sex Couples Face Maze of Financial Issues“.

12/12/2011 AARP Viva

Quotes Cathy in How to Protect Yourself Against Inflation“.

12/11/2011 The Miami Herald

Quotes Cathy in “Is Florida’s prepaid college a good option? Do the math.”

11/1/2011 Telemundo Television

Interviews Cathy regarding Bank of America ending debit card fee plans.

10/30/2011 Richmond Times-Dispatch

Quotes Cathy in “Financial Essentials for New Parents“.

10/10/2011 Daily Business Review

Hosted annual Wealth Management Roundtable and invited select South Florida advisors, including Cathy Pareto, to discuss various financial topics regarding today’s investing and planning issues.

8/10/2011 El Nuevo Herald

Quotes Cathy in article about U.S. Debt downgrade and recent market volatility.

7/27/2011 The Miami Herald

Quotes Cathy in “Debt Ceiling Debate Not End of the World”.

7/5/2011 News Radio WIOD

Interviews Cathy regarding her role as Community Outreach Co-Chair for Miami Dade Financial Planning Assn.

5/2/2011 Wall Street Journal

Quotes Cathy in “ETFs make Alternative Investments More Accessible”


Quotes Cathy in “4 Ways to Pay Off Your Mortgage Earlier”

3/23/2011 Franklin Prosperity Report

Quotes Cathy in “Know the New Normal in Credit Scores.”

3/10/2011 Miami Today

Quotes Cathy in “Boom or bust, number of securities agents remains steady.”

1/14/2011 Fund Action

Interviews Cathy in a story on currency funds.

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